Applicable to Tesla Model Y Special Car Foot Mat TPE Environmental-Friendly Waterproof 5 Seats 7 Seats Floor Mat Tail Box Mat

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barnd: CENFUN

Floor Mat

Floor Mat

Floor Mat

Floor Mat

Style: Carpet style

Combination form: Seven seats dedicated

Material: TPE

Composition content: 100%

Foot pad type: Rubber foot pad

Model: Tesla

Introducing the Tesla Model Y Special Car Foot Mat, crafted from TPE material to provide environmental-friendly and waterproof protection for your vehicle's interior. Available for both 5-seater and 7-seater configurations, this floor mat is custom-designed to fit the contours of your Tesla Model Y perfectly. Whether you're driving solo or with a full load of passengers, this tail box mat ensures that your vehicle's floors remain clean and protected from spills, dirt, and debris. Say goodbye to worries about stains and hello to hassle-free maintenance with this high-quality floor mat.